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Tune Into Your


You are here because you are ready.


Something nudged you, pulled you, dropped the hint and here you are. Sure your mind is curious and asking ‘show me the details, give me the information’ but your soul, the Universe, your INTUITION is saying ‘yes, we found the place’. 

What is your intuition?


Intuition is such a broad and subjective term. In my world, intuition is an awareness from outside yourself that is felt deeply from within. It could be perceived as words in your mind, a knowingness or a gut feeling. It is so unique to each personal. Intuition for me personally, is a direct channel of connection to my source (the Universe), my intuition is the part of me that is not tainted by my human experiences. I experience it as a knowingness in my mind and occasionally as a sensation of confirmation in my body. It is my internal compass guiding me along the path to my truth, purpose and alignment. 

so, how can I help you tune into your intuition?

Over three weeks I am going to share with you tools, meditations and experiences which have been tried and tested on my self and hundreds of clients to fine tune your intuition.

In a nutshell:

WEEK ONE: We learn the physical tools to create clarity and confirmation of your intuition

WEEK TWO: We connect to your guides

WEEK THREE: We deepen the trust so you can take inspired action on your intuition

I will share with you tutorial videos, guided meditations and pdf’s that cover all the info and F.A.Q’s you may have. Alongside this you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded souls, ask any questions that come up for you and get real time support from those learning alongside you. I also occasionally drop into this group for a live meditation and Q&A.


This is an experience that you can take at your own time and everything you receive is yours to keep forever! Once you download the videos, the meditations and the pdf’s they are yours to look over and check in with as many times as you need. 


‘I knew I wanted to do the Intuition course as soon as I saw it!


Renée helped me gain confidence in listening to my inner voice. She gave me the tools I needed to overcome fears I had. I loved this course & wish I could do it every week.”

Robyn Annis-Brown (Admin Manager)


3x Tutorial Videos (value $250)

3x Guided Meditations  (value $45)

3x Tutorial PDF’s (value $75)

Access to Private Facebook Group with Renée and group live meditations/Q&A’s (value $300)


Individually this course is worth $670.


I am offering these three weeks to you for $200.


Crazy right? I know deeply that being connected to my intuition has made my life so easy, has felt like I had a superpower and I want everyone to be tuned in. Being disconnected to your intuition is like trying to make your way through life blindfolded. You have the choice to lift the blindfold, to create a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.


Tuning into my intuition, USING my intuition has created a life of ease and flow, has allowed me to be in the right place at the right time and take advantage of the opportunities the Universe has on offer. You can have this to.


I am so excited to share the next three weeks with you.   


'This course was fantastic. It is perfect for all looking to deepen their connection with their intuition in a fun and playful way and connect with like minded Souls.


This course appeals to all levels - beginners looking to explore and know more and for those that have been on their path and would like a new perspective or a reminder to keep exploring. Highly recommend!’

Julie Michels (Bookkeeper & Reiki Practitioner)

Terms & Conditions: Upon purchase of this course you agree to not share, copy or distribute in any form the information contained without written consent from Renée Wilkinson. You agree to respect the intellectual property within. You also agree that upon purchase, no refunds or cancellations will be made available. Thank you.

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