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For most of my childhood and young adult life I was so confused why I couldn't connect deeply with other people.

Why was it so hard?


What was I missing?

I always felt like an 'other' and it got even more confusing when I found out most didn't see, hear or feel the world like I did. 


(What do you mean you don't have someone standing beside you telling you the test answers? Can't you see the red around the shoulders of that angry person?)

Closeup of Leaf

I always toed the line between what felt so right,


talking to spirit

playing with energy


dropping into other dimensions

and 'fitting in' with the expectations of others.


It wasn't until my late 20's when, in the middle a meditation it dropped in;

'you're not fully human'...


oh. shit.

I cried with relief. I don't have to work so hard to fit in anymore.


like there has to be more than this.

You feel this too. 

In this 1hr online masterclass you will realise

-you are not alone

-you can choose how you do life

-the are simple tools to integrate your magic in this world.

We will share simple meditation techniques, find out where you come from and how you can tap into your purpose.

I can't wait to share this moment of sweet sweet relief with you.

For only $11.11 AUD we will meet 3rd April (just before the ascension portal 4/4) 3.33pm Sydney time on zoom.

This will be recorded for those who can't make it live.

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