personal channeled

Here is your direct line to the guides and energy Renée and her husband Murray work with.

In your channeled meditation their guides will offer you guidance,

clarity, healing and integration to lead you into the next step.

Each meditation is unique, designed to drop you into the energy where the true shifts can occur. ​

You also received a PDF with questions to assist in the integration of your meditation.

Strictly 10x Personal Channeled Meditations are available each week. Click 'buy now' for your self or

a loved one, just enter the name of who the meditation is for at checkout.


what         say

Emma Spelman

Travel  Experience Consultant

If you haven't had one of these personal meditations and are thinking about it, I absolutely advise you get one. Renée and her guides channeled one for me and I cannot celebrate it enough.


Literally it was a game changer for me and I play it most evenings before I head to bed (my preference). I am sleeping better, waking with more clarity and my anxiety is easing more on a daily basis... I literally cannot give enough thanks!"

Warrick Eady


“Yeah... so this personalised meditation got me real good. True words and perfect timing. Thank you. 


I listened to it last night and I think it really helped prevent a break down.  My “real” work has been all consuming and soul destroying the last few weeks - and I haven’t been able to see a way out.


Today while I don’t feel great - I feel calmer. Safer. More focused and more able to confront my fears".

Jess Etcell


"I just listened to the meditation you channeled for me, and I have no words. It was perfect. From the moment I heard your voice I dropped right in, and my whole body was tingling and listening.


You helped me answer some big questions I've had - like really big stuff. I can't thank you enough for being you and making your gifts available. ​

I will be listening to this on repeat. I am so connected right now".

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