personal channeled

Here is your direct line to the multidimensional guides and energy I work with.

These energies will offer you guidance, clarity, healing, integration and energetic activation.

Think of this as a concentrated, potent 1:1 session with me and my guides.

We get straight in and create the shifts and awarenesses needed. 

Each meditation is unique, designed to quickly drop you into your source.

You can listen to your meditation many times over as you need. 

You will find something new each time.


I use your name only to tune in.

Each meditation is 10-15min long.

The recording will be emailed to you,

you have 30 days to download the file.

Limited Personal Channeled Meditations are available each week,

if sold out please check back next week.

*There is currently a 3-4 week wait to receive your meditation.*



If you would like to receive your meditation within 48hrs click

'fast track'.

There are limited fast track's available each week.


You can buy for your self or a loved one, at checkout please enter the name of who it is for and where you would like me to email it.


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