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6 week intuitive

activation & MENTORING


intuitive light beings

how to make the most out of life.

Find your people.

The ones who don’t bat an eyelid when you say ‘this may sound weird but...’

I thought, because I couldn't connect with 'normal' people, I was isolated and alone in my world experiences. Turns out, because I was isolated in my world experiences, I couldn't to connect with 'normal' people, because I wasn't 'normal'. I just didn't know it. 

I dabble in two worlds (at least) the humanness reality and an expansive external dimension, the space where my guides are, where I drop into in meditation, where information is given to me to help me understand ‘this’ world a little better. 

A few years ago, deep in a meditation there was a realisation smacked against my forehead, ‘maybe you aren’t all human’... I cried. For the first time I had permission to feel different, to be ok with never feeling at ‘home’, for seeing and hearing so many different things, for STRUGGLING to create deeply bonded friendships with people because maybe, just maybe this wasn’t my place.

I am going to drop the words ‘starseed’ and ‘lightbeings’, and let you do your own googling. It may resonate, it may not, this all may sound super ‘woo woo’ and that’s ok.

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i am ready.


You have never understood how people auto-piloted through life, you have always felt there has to be more, you FEEL so deeply, you can see straight through other people and their stories, you connect to nature with ease, you have knowings that come out of thin air, you have random intrigue in ancient civilisations and sites, you know that energy is so very real and you know it can be manipulated. 


You have an additional sense, an awareness. You sometimes receive random thoughts that aren’t yours, you get sensations running through your body, you notice lights/shadows out of the corner of your eye, you feel someone else is around but no one is in the room, you swear someone just said something but no one around you did. These additional senses, when you haven’t trained or focused them, can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing. You’re not alone.


Know that I get it, I have been exactly where you are and I want you to know that you can use your gifts to create a magical life for yourself, right here and now.


I always perceived my intuition as a super power. 

Like I had a cheat sheet, was always one step ahead.

Intuition feeds additional information that most people ignore, but not you.

You see it, feel it and are aware of it, but maybe have no idea what to do with it.

Since Day Dot.

Your Intuition maybe something that has recently surfaced or something you have been aware of your whole life, but ignored or pushed away.

I have been aware of my intuition since day dot, it was at the start of high school I started to realize that others weren’t like me…. ‘you mean you don’t have someone whisper the essay answer to you?’, ‘you can’t see that cloud of colour around that person?’.


I learnt to shut up quick for fear of being ‘weird’, no one else was like me. So, Mum took me to a Spiritual Mentor. I would learn all about energy, the Universe and how to hone this skill of mine. Thanks Mum.

This mentorship was and still is invaluable. It’s so much easier having someone hold your hand while you learn to walk in a whole other dimension! Someone you can ask all of the questions to.








Your Whole Life Will Upgrade.

It took me a really long time to be comfortable with being ‘different’. This is the driving ‘why’ behind this activation. To realize you are not the only one. You don't have to figure this out alone. When you fully step into your power and embrace your difference, your whole life upgrades, from the people you find your self surrounded by, the opportunities that come your way and ease! Oh the ease with which it all flows.

2020 enrolments will open soon. 

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This is the space where you will feel heard, seen, where you can share exactly what it is you are sensing and be validated. 


This is the space where you can say ‘this may sound weird but’… and no one will bat an eyelid.

Here's what we'll cover over the 6 weeks.

You are ready to drop into alignment with your intuition, the Universe and your true path.


You are ready for your intuition to become louder and clearer.


You are ready to understand what it all means and have those burning questions answered.


You are ready to live a life of abundant ease with the support of the Universe totally behind you.


You are ready to connect to people who think, feel and see the world like you do.


You are ready to connect to that sense of home.


This 6 week mentoring program can be completed in person or online.



-access to a private Facebook Community for like-minded support, live group meditations, Q&A. You can stay in this group for as long as you like and partake in each new round of Homecoming. Once you are in, you are in!! 



1 : Activation

Activate your intuitive spark, whether it is already active or lying dormant.


We kick the 6 weeks off with a bang!

In this module you will receive:

-Intuitive Activation and expansion from yours truly (and my guides) in a live call

-Pre-recorded guided meditation to get you started on your intuitively activated week

-Journalling prompts for self-enquiry

-A PDF workbook

You will learn how to;

-Meditate and establish a practice that will be the foundation for your intuitive ease.

-Hold your energetic boundaries

-Activate mind, body and spirit

2 : Intuition & Manifesting

I teach you specific physical tools that allow confirmation and clarity of your intuition. Alongside this we get super clear on how to manifest (create your reality) and check back in with your manifesting for the next 4 weeks!


This is where some magic happens!

In this module you will receive:

-A live call and channeled meditation with yours truly (and my guides).

-A pre-recorded video explaining the physical tools 

-A PDF workbook

You will learn how to:

-Use physical intuitive tools to get clear and specific yes/no answers from your intuition and guides

-Use a clear, simple and proven process to manifest beyond your wildest dreams

3 : Resistance

A natural part of growth, we feel into any resistance you have coming up around your intuition and creating a life in flow with The Universe. You will become empowered to handle this resistance any time it shows.

In this module you will receive:

-A live call and channeled meditation with yours truly (and my guides).

-A pre-recorded guided visualisation (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to break through resistance.

-Video guiding an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping process to overcome blocks.

-PDF workbook

You will learn how to:

-Use specific processes to clear the resistance as it arises.

-Clear negative energy, understanding what energy it yours and what you are picking up from others.


4 : Your Guides & Your Gifts

Let's hone in on your specific flavour of magic.

In this module you will receive:

-A live call and channeled meditation with yours truly (and my guides).

-A pre-recorded guided meditation to open and keep your connection with your guides.

-PDF workbook

You will learn how to:

-Connect to your spirit guides, learn how to communicate and utilise them in your life

-Energetically interact and shift the world around you

-Embody and magnify your specific intuitive gifts


5 : The Universe Is Waiting

If you want to play the game, you need to know the rules. Learn how to play with the Universe and manipulate it in your favour.

In this module you will receive:

-A live call and channeled meditation with yours truly (and my guides).

-Clarity on when your Universal home base is. (ie. are you a starseed? This is where is gets juicy!)

-Clarity on your life's purpose

-PDF workbook

You will learn how to:

-Apply the Law of Attraction and play with the malleable nature of time and space.

-Connect to your Universal energy source/home base and how to recognise those on a similar vibration.

-Step into your power and purpose

6 : Homecoming

Here is the deep dive. You take this module where you need it to go. We explore the concepts of multi-dimensions (4D, 5D portals), interacting with different frequencies/energy beings, where your frequency lays in all of this, the concept of a holographic reality and much more. We tie everything you have learned together and integrate it into your new everyday life.

In this module you will receive:

-A live call and channeled meditation with yours truly (and my guides).

-PDF workbook

You will learn how to:

-integrate all of the tools you have learnt

-support yourself in maintaining your foundational energy and continuing your own exploration.


Consider the following, you are ready for this mentoring if:

-you have experienced your intuition in some way and want to know more

-you are open to establishing a regular meditation practice

-you are open to self work (eg different ways to help you move through your ‘stuff’)

-you want your intuition and higher self to be a part of your daily life

-you are ready to create change

-you are ready to feel ‘at home’ in your own body

2019 enrolments are closed. Go on the waitlist for 2020.

intuitive alignment

this is your



Q: What if I am not intuitive?

A: You are. We all are. It just presents different to each individual. The aim of this experience is to support you in finding your unique flavour of intuition. Side note: it was your intuition, that little curious gut feeling that led you here. Just FYI.

Q: Do I have to do all 6 weeks?

A: You don't have to do anything that doesn't sit with you, BUT, growth lies in discomfort, the intention behind joining is to be held accountable for your growth. You choose when you complete the tasks and the Facebook group calls will be recorded to do in your own time.

Q: When are the Live Group Calls?

Held weekly, 2020 program to be announced.

Q: How much is the Homecoming 6 week activation?

A: 2020 pricing to be announced.

Q: How do I pay?

A: 2020 payment plans to be announced.

Q: How do I get on the waitlist for 2020?

Click the 'waitlist' button below.

Q: When does the next round start?

2020 dates to be announced.

Homecoming FAQ



Renée has been intuitive her whole life, since the age of 12yrs old she has been involved in meditation groups, spiritual workshops and energy healing traineeships. At 18 she completed an Energy Healing Traineeship in Singapore and spent 3yrs with more formal training, studying Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Theta Healing, Kinergetics, ‘PKP’ Professional Kinesiology Practice.

In a bid to ignore her intuition and shake off the ‘woo woo’ she spent 4 years working in Australian TV where she worked her way up to a Script/Continuity Supervisor for shows such as ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Doctor Doctor’, as well as a series of short films.

The Universe had other plans for her, in 2017 she found herself in a 200hr yoga teacher training in Thailand, which led her back to her intuitive roots, rebuilding her Kinesiology business and in 2019 opening ‘The Open Mind Space’, a holistic yoga and wellbeing centre, with her husband Murray.

Her mission, to activate those who are ready, to create a safe space where they can explore all parts of themselves and connect with like minded beings.

Homecoming About Renee
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