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Meditation is your reset button. It is more than the time you spend with your eyes closed in quiet.

With practice and time meditation starts to rewire your brain, creating new neurological pathways that set your baseline as calm, confident and clear. A place that you can take effective action from. 

I know I can feel the difference between days that I meditate (calm, focused, present) vs. days that I don't

(scatter brained,  auto pilot, disconnected).

Meditation is also a time to communicate with your higher self. Let's open that line of communication and make change.


Receive each of my 7 guided meditations wrapped up in a bow for just $95 (not a real bow, but a bow full of love, nonetheless) with this pack.

Here's what you'll receive:

Be Present

Cut Energetic Cords

Ready to Let Go

Step Into Your Power

The Akashic Records

Connect to Your Guides

Activate Your Starseed


How often do you catch yourself on autopilot? Deep in thought about what could happen in the future or perhaps stuck in replaying the past?

You are missing so much of the magic here in the present moment.


This meditation is designed to reclaim your awareness and energy, bringing it all in to the now.

Meditation Length: 15mins 10secs


When we interact with others we establish an energetic connection. Some can imprint on us deeper than others, some can be fulfilling and others can be quite draining.


Use this meditation to energetically disconnect from people and places which are no longer serving you.


Set yourself energetically free.

Meditation length: 15mins 10secs


That situation you keep replaying over and over in your head. That memory that evokes a strong emotional reaction. The place, person or thing that triggers the same response every time you see them.


There are some experiences in our lives that deeply imprint upon us, and not always for the best. We can't change the memory but we can change the emotion and auto response.


This meditation is based on a Neuro-Lingusitc Programming technique designed to shift your minds perspective. Are you ready to let go?

Meditation Length: 12mins 20secs


Through this meditation peel away the layers, stories and facades which are keeping you in a holding pattern.


With the assistance of high vibrational beings you will be guided to your Universal source of energy. It is time to find your Universal flow, reconnect and step into your power. 

Meditation Length: 15mins 20secs


The Akashic Records are an energetic recording of all this is and all that will ever be.


Use this meditation to be guided into your Akashic Record, discover what it is you need to heal and align with to become the most expansive version of your self.


The answers are awaiting you.

Meditation Length: 15mins 10secs


We are all connected to something higher than ourselves, those moments of synchronicities, gut feelings, 'signs'. You now have the opportunity to meet with your guides, clearly connect and establish an open line of communication to receive more guidance and clarity in your everyday life.


An opportunity to know that you are held and supported by beings beyond.

Meditation Length: 15mins 10secs


Ever had that feeling of never fully fitting in? Never feeling 'at home'? Always searching for more to fill your soul?


You are highly sensitive to energy and others emotions. You see situations play out but they become a reality. You get bored with the mundane 'humanness' of it all.


You my friend, are a starseed, a high vibrational being having a human experience. It's time to remember who you are, where you came from and what your purpose on this Earth is. It is time to fully activate your Starseed.

Meditation Length: 15mins 10secs